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Oh baby, oh baby

Word up, mir and spite. Nice work, girls, it looks great. I'm joining and I am going to start a conversation. Let's make it an easy one:

Who is on your freebie* list?

*Five celebrities that you can have guilt-free sex with (even if you already have a partner) if you should ever come across them

Here's mine:

1. Brad Pitt
2. Ewan McGreggor
3. Johnny Depp
4. Viggo Mortsensen (but only as Aragorn)
5. Orlando Bloom (but only as Legolas)
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Your stealing some of mine, your freebie stealer you! Anyways, glad your here, and starting a convo, because we need one hah.

My List:
1. Johnny Depp (preferably in his pirate outfit, that just does terrible naughty things to my mind.)
2. Mark Wahlberg
3. Brad Pitt
4. Jake Gyllenhaal
5. Antonio Banderas

I wouldn't mind all of them at once either. Such lovely pool boys they'd make.
I would cry tears of happiness if I had my five as pool boys. I'm getting all funny inside just thinking about it!!
You and me both, especially if they were giving massages. And bringing us drinks, telling us romantic words, feeding us sweet treats. Mmmmm, I might just start drooling in a second hah. OH better yet! If they could clean our houses, naked. God I'd die in happy, and worship them forever.
mmm, I'm going to go watch Moulin Rouge and enjoy Ewan singing to me (yes, me) in his tux.
Oh I love that part too. I actually got the CD from the movie too. Great to listen to, when your in a romantic mood, or just want to close your eyes, and imagine someone is singing that song to you.
I do not understand this Jake Gyllenhaal obsession at all. I don't know what he's in, but I've seen pictures and he just looks....average. But I'll take the rest of your list to bed, except maybe not Antonio, unless he's wearing the Zorro mask.
1. Tom Cruise
2. Johnny Depp
3. Ewan McGregor (but only with longish hair a la Moulin Rouge)
4. Tobey Maguire
5. Angelina Jolie (even though I think she is ugly sometimes)
1. Johnny Depp
2. Michelle Pfifer (the one & ONLY uber-sexy catwoman, ahm.)
3. James Franco [The spitting image of mr.dean -swoons-]
4. Gavin Rossdale
5. Chris Cornell [black-hole-sun style preferably.]