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Hi Hi

Hello everyone. My name is Whitney and uhh...Im 15. You can call me Gubaru. I dont know really what to say about myself. Lets see. I write, draw, sing, and do graphics in paintshoppro. Well, just to know me better, I will post some samples for you guys! I hope you enjoy...this community seems kick ass!

Well, okay, lets get things started here! I draw anime and odd looking people who are I guess symbolic to me. Here is a picture that I drew of one of my friends, along with an anime I did.

Thats my friend Starr. :D

I know they suck but oh well

Hmm... I write too...Here is a poem I wrote

Falling Stars

Fixate your black eyes on me,
Those hollow lifeless orbs that gaze from under the trees.
Hold those black eyes to me,
The peach trees engulfed in a haze of pink.

Those digits so wonderfully numb,
The wind crys as an audible hum.
Just let those digits touch me,
Ill ask of nothing else from you under the peach trees.

But sweeter far from these trees,
The sirens sing us to our tombs,
Somewhere out beyond our reach,
I promise somewhere, the stars will fall soon.

Dearest we, those lips shine like purple asters,
Somewhere I promise the stars fall faster.
Somewhere we stand under the peach trees,
The empiphany of hollow eyes to stare at me.

We strive like two flowers blooming in cement,
Our hearts are just a hoax.
A torrent of love on our souls it was meant,
The pain fills our mouths and we begin to choke.

Fix your eyes on me, so lovingly,
Those digits roam my body so wonderfully.
And now the sirens still sing us to our tombs,
But I promise somewhere the stars are falling for us, soon.

And last but not least...Ill show you me! I know im ugly but be nice!

Well. Bye kids!

♥ Whitney
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