Pirate Ninja (mirdrak) wrote in raw_euphoria,
Pirate Ninja

A poem of mine I just wrote. It's involving a painful ex, who im still having to deal with. This is my way to release some steam, and incase your wondering, I do feel better with this out hah.

I really don't give a fuck,
about all your new crushes.
How you've moved on,
and all your great luck.

I don't care about your needs,
you don't belong in my heart anymore.
I don't want to be there,
when you need a whore.

So what if you think you're changed person,
your still a asshole in my eyes.
Who cares what you do,
to me you've only worsen.

Don't try to make me feel,
like im the guilty one.
Im tired of being insulted
and the toy of your fun.

So when you want to pick up that phone,
to tell me your lies
Or come near me when im with friends,
You better remember this and be wise.

Im not the free token,
a ride for your pastime.
Kiss my ass why don't you,
because this is my last goodbye.
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