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hey, i was looking around for communities and such and this one sounds really cool. i love to draw, and write...everything, from fanfiction to poems. ive always been looking for a place to post some of my drawings my friend scanned, for constructive critiscm *sp?* and feedback and such...

my names Rose. im 13, almost 14. i live on Long Island...its in NY. (im introducing myself =])

okay...so some of my drawings...some of them might be kind of huge, im really sorry. *EDIT: yay i found a way to make them non huge! here's the edited ones.*

^^ i do that kind of stuff when im bored. and i get bored a lot :)

^^ i was listening to Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional while drawing that...hence the "Vindicated" on the bottom corner

^^in fact, i was listening to Vindicated while drawing that too..."hope dangles on a string" yup yup yup.

^^thats from Gifts and Curses by Yellowcard. great song. Spiderman rocks. anyways, thats the kind of thing i do in school when im bored and i have my sharpies with me. its fun.

^^for my portfolio, i photocopied all the doodles i do during school onto a few pages. the top eye/volcano looking one says "a heart is 2 teardrops upside down." the eye next to it says "is that all good deeds are when looked at with an ice cold eye", and "wickedness must be punished" (underneath) from Wicked, the musical.

^^other doodle page. the one in the middle that has writing on it says "every flower has its thorns" and "everyone has to bleed". i was feeling pretty down when i drew that one, hehe.

ill enlighten you with some of my other stuff later :)

this looks like an awesome community. im glad i joined!!

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