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Raw Euphoria

Great Elation

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Welcome to Raw Euphoria!

This community is a place where you can do almost anything. Post some icons, share a funny story, ask for advice, post pictures of yourself, poetry, your favorite books, absoutely anything. Share things that cause you the greatest elation in life. Or maybe you just need to make friends. Either way, this place welcomes anyone and everyone, to share and meet new people. A place where you can feel welcomed to be you, in your raw natural beauty, and talk about things that YOU want to talk about, not just 1 topic that a community has to stick to, but many open topics.

All I ask is you follow the rules:
1. Please be open minded, since I want this place to be comfortable for anyone to talk about anything. If you can't be open minded, then atleast keep nasty comments to yourself.
2. Cussing is allowed, but no racial/sexist/homphobic words are allowed. Im not going steal your freedom to post whatever is on your mind, but I ask that you give thought to what your posting, incase it might offend someone.
3. If you don't like someone's view or whatever they have posted, please no insulting them. Feel free to express your opinion on why you may not like it, give them advice if you think they need it, otherwise try and not insult them.
4. When someone posts an icon, please follow their rules, if they want credit, give it to them. NO spamming for icon requests.
5. Never think that you are only allowed to talk about certain things here, everything is open, drawing, photography, poetry, advice, questions about anything, but NO offending topics, pictures, etc.
6. NO SPAMMING COMMUNITIES. If your a member here, you do have the privelage to mention a community, but tell something about it. Don't spam someone else's post with communities. You will be banned.

Rules are pretty simple, as long as you follow them.


There are no applications for joining, or surveys you have to fill. All I ask is when you join, make a post introducing yourself. Share anything you like, like stuff that interests you, pictures of yourself, your favorite books/songs/movies, anything you want to share, feel free to do so. We love to meet new people, so its great when they share things their interested in, because who knows, their might be several others that are interested in the same thing, and besides, getting to know a person makes this community closer in many ways.


Any questions are to be directed to me, mirdrak. Please don't flood my journal with a ton of questions, or whatever.

Moderator: mirdrak
Co-Moderator: spitefairy

Thanks for checking out the community and have fun! Feel free to spread the word about our place, it'd be greatly appreciated.